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"The listenability of his new music, especially how he successfully draws influence from a variety of genres, is also helping to connect him to a widespread audience, with fans of R&B, hip hop, soul, pop and rock all able to find something to like in JSWISS." - The Source Magazine

"JSWISS has incessantly proven time and time again that he has both the skill and diligence to carry the torch of his esteemed idols." - 2Dopeboyz

What is an emcee?

An emcee has a command of language, top notch wordplay and delivery, and pays close attention to the words he chooses. An emcee wants you to hear every word he says. An emcee has command over all elements of the music and doesn't simply rap over it, but becomes one with it, both dictating and adapting with the ebbs and flows of the soundscape. On the "No Music" EP, JSWISS shines as the epitome of an emcee.

Whether it's the feel-good vibes of "Sunshine To Rain", the party vibes of title track "No Music" or the introspective bars of "Figure It Out" JSWISS demonstrates that's he's not a rapper, but an emcee and an artist.

For this 6-track EP, JSWISS gathers a collection of talented musicians, many of whom have helped forge his impressive live show, for a unique blend of hip hop, soul, funk and jazz. The title "No Music" refers to the fact that when music becomes so much of your life (as a listener or artist) that its a constant, it's No Music, it's just an extension of Life.



released June 24, 2016


Brady Watt (Producer) - Tracks 1 & 4
Nick Rolfe (Keyboard) - Tracks 2, 3 & 6
Dave Lowenthal (Bass) - Tracks 2, 3, 5 & 6
Josh Schusterman (Drums) - Tracks 2, 3, 5 & 6
Atsushi Ouchi (Saxophone) - Tracks 1 & 5
Matt Giella (Trumpet & Flugelhorn) - Tracks 1, 2 & 5
Theo Moore (Percussion) - Track 5
Noah MacNiel (Keyboard) - Track 5
Eitan Akman (Guitar) - Track 5

All lyrics written by JSWISS.

Additional vocals on "Figure It Out" by Chandanie.

Scratches on "Don't Forget About Me" by DeeJay Element.

Tracks 1 & 4 recorded at The Brownstone in Harlem, New York City.
Track 2, 3, 5 & 6 recorded at Orange Music Studio in West Orange, NJ.

All songs mixed by James Dellatacoma.
All songs mastered by Brian Kidd.

Artwork by Mathias Lundh-Isén.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sunshine To Rain f. Maya Azucena

Hows the fam how's life how you feel
Been spitting for this long but still get chills
On the record, even though I come to expect it
Das effect been the same every time I mic check it
1,2 mic check am I coming through clear
Yo this ain't no 9 to 5 dawg this a career
So busy and all empty, never at all tipsy
I'm off life when I had enough then come get me
I'm alright me the fam is all tight,
And we gon live it up til it's light that's all night,
An audience wit the ambience of Mardi Gras
That's worldwide wit admission to party far
Forever conscious I'm well aware it's a good time
Work then women, two times the good grind,
I'm just tryna balance it out
You and me kings and queens we all got clout
Now let's bounce

(Maya Azucena)
Sunshine to rain, don't bring me the pain/
The peace I feel, it comes from within

This be the jam if you wanted hip hop (man)
This be the jam if wanted that funk (man)
This be the jam you could play for yo kids (man)
This the jam you could bump if you grown (it's whatever you want)
And with that, this bout as hard it gets
To be resisting the rhythm and not respond to the track
Party packed to the back door
Your heels is mad sore no buggin the DJ this just what you asked for
It's love I clap for, any and everybody
Who did what they mind set and made it impactful
Thoughts go to those that we lost in them battles
External, internal we celebrate wit a glass full
This for the people who just wanted a shot
To build a life from a passion because they love it a lot
I breathe I spit and hence I flow
This life no music this I know
There it is my mind stimulated, my rep's decorated
My skills venerated, my doubts never made it
My claims demonstrated, your mood elevated
Beats got celebrated marinated decimated
I got the itch to go create and never hesitated
Me and the music every minute never separated
Spontaneous a vibe never needs warning
I rhyme you move go and do your thing on it

(Maya Azucena)
Sunshine to rain, don't bring me the pain/
The peace I feel, it comes from within
Track Name: Figure It Out

It's been a long time coming but yes I'm still growing
Still ain't easy, and yes it's still smoking
Some life battles that I still ain't win
And some places that I failed but I'd do it again,
Live life lost things cuz of my own fault
Challenges I admit I on my own brought
Through it all a new lesson is learned
While most lessons do burn a new person to turn to
I used to keep it from my fam and my homies
Treacherous do my dirt all by my lonely,
Until I put it in a song
Then the whole world could tell what's really goin on
And the whole time, that I was clogging up my own mind
I had people who'd lend a hand in no time,
But my head harder than parquet
Every single time gotta figure out the hard way

Verse 2:
Designed chaos looking to find lookin to find peace,
Observe life different from people around me,
Giving advice I realize I gotta follow
I could die today but still plan for tomorrow,
Every other solution's a contradiction
Your life is for you don't make it competition
But still I'm tryna win come out on top
Live life or work til I drop
Choose love focus on myself
I don't have time I'm young focus on my wealth
I gotta grind forget enjoying each day and getting enough sleep even though both is so necessary for my health
What's a priority?
Be where everybody is and fall in the majority
Black face black card would make me a minority
Track Name: Dave's Joint

You pulling out the big guns you pick Swiss
Bank on that my rhymes peak interest
Withdrawal from the breaks in my verses
Leave beats in the caskets and hearses,
Dope rhymes when it's showtime
Spread love no time for the bovine
Bunch of fakers out acting like they real killers
But when it's a mic fight they can't deal wit it
Bring words to a duel and they out matched
Can't claim you the truth when without facts,
I stay true to my birthplace
Dobbs Ferry N-Y is the home state,
We all change we allowed to
But I hold on to my worth and my values
I'm a leader how the flow speaks volumes
Been ahead of you cons (UConns) like Calhoun,
Hall of fame type strategy
Bottomless energy no gas and no batteries
I run on soul I run on rhythm
A 4/4, 6/8 and I still stay wit em
I'm locked in, since the beginning a top 10
If you think any different it's considered a sin
If I'm battling a human its considered a win
And I don't ever have to stress it again
Track Name: Dedicate.LoveSomethin'

F a dream that's a lifestyle
No future that's a right now
A couple voices in my head had to pipe down
Hit life with a hook til it's lights out
That's why I'm a fight now, Me and myself coming to blows
Sanity come and goes reality poke its nose
Break down the comfort zone just to live comfortable, I tell ya
Phone gets turned off, girl gets blown off
Life's get thrown off, guard gets caught off
Got all the drive think your hand's on the wheel
Til you realize you just shotgun like a sawed off
And it's like I'd take a bullet for this
Already killin myself Russian roulette with the risk
Fallin back from a cliff with no safe net behind you
That's what it's like when you really take the time to

"Dedicate. Love Somethin" (x8)

It hit hard to let go of my first
We had a love that we never did need to rehearse
I gave her all knowin if she did leave it would hurt
And likely break my heart like I didn't deserve
Cuz everybody want her and everybody do her
And like an idiot I know and still choose to pursue
I know that's a stupid move
But every dream achiever need some crazy and some stupid too
So I was kicking game knowing how the odds stacked
Putting up numbers, just tryna get her contact
Flirted with her, think about her every night
To this day she took more than the half of my life
And she was good to me, was with her every day
But never really with her, we went our separate ways
Bye hoop dreams, I gotta rhyme boo
I'm still happy that with you I took the time to

"Dedicate. Love Somethin" (x8)

I wish the pain on my best friend
I wish the stress on my close fam
Anxiety that never ends
Cuz that's a dream turned to plan
When logic says otherwise
And it's nonsense to go do it
And your pray you never wanted it
Well I pray that you go through it, go

(Guitar solo)

"Dedicate. Love Somethin" (x8)
Track Name: No Music

No Music (repeated)

My name is J-S-W-I-S-S,
I grew up shy til I decided to flex
You want quality lyrics well then I'm that guy
I rep the D-O-B-B-S F-E-R-R-Y
That's the 9-1-4 you know the area code
If you don't watch a brother bring hysteria home
Put it in history books and in your stereophone
Wanna hear my story twice then prepare me a clone
My name is J-U-L-I-A-N, Michael
Say I ain't proud and black, that's libel
Didn't grow up ducking from guns for survival
And not many looked like me in my high school
Cuz you know it's Dobbs Ferry not Bed Stuy,
Chillin with my homies from West Side,
Had a few people on the East too,
Never say my nigga when I greet you,
Might say my brother or my king though
Miss me wit that other like Shaq from the free throw,
Raw like Kane without the choreo
Real tough cookie so they even called me Oreo
Ah I know I know I know whatever
A real strong brother gonna keep his soul forever,
So I threw all that bull to the right
Got a mic and excite and I write and it's life
It's No Music

No Music (repeated)

Yo I live life through the notes, lyrics and the chords,
It's in my ears then it's getting to my core
Since I heard Tariq Trotter on Do You Want More
I been fly like I shot a 2 on a par 4
9-4 when I first heard Roots crew
Reminisce T-Roy we salute you
Had my first crush to some Musiq Soulchild
Had that break up that Voodoo was crucial, ooh
One Mo'Gin she done worked The Root
Self Destruction told us we ain't supposed to shoot
Nasir told me I can
Play Tribe keep it moving to the K-I-M
And when I hop on that plane to L-A-X
I bump L-L or Biggie and head out West
And when the moves get made and the check get cut
Throw on some Big Pun baby we came up

When the words Awthentic and it touch your soul it's (No Music)
A melody take you back to when you were like you 3 years old it's (No Music)
When you need headphones and a song like you need to breathe it's (No Music)
Feelin some type of way but the right track put you where you need to be it's (No Music)
Naw that ain't a verse that's love
Naw that ain't a hook that's pain
You tellin me that it's just a song
Well I guess we just ain't built the same
Naw that ain't a verse that's love
Naw that ain't a hook that's pain
You tellin me that that's just a song
Well I say you're wrong well we ain't the same get gone it's life it's (No Music)
Track Name: Don't Forget About Me

Now eery once in awhile gotta hit em with a call or a text
To see how they doing and wish em the best
How I'm doing how's my music always comes next
And when I make it big try not to forget
Because my life's so exciting, putting words together
And shining on stage no life could seem better
I say yea it's cool how you be what's new?
Enough about me please more about you
They "you know the usual, school and work"
I think being extra educated has it's perks
So I say congratulations, you got a bright future
And Im proud, they say "though I'm not famous like you sir"
I laugh it off no I'm far from celebrity
But I appreciate the utmost respect for me
And my craft as I'm working all this time
Cuz real true support is hard to find
And I'll reciprocate it gladly in whatever that you doing
Working on your master's, well what are you pursuing?
Getting a career in the medical field
Now that's better than a rapper if you really know the deal
I joke I love it wouldn't have it any other way
I'll keep you number cuz I might need it one day
Cuz this lifestyle that you put on a pedestal
Might have me calling one day for a medical,
Reason, this I believe in
Don't treat me different cuz rap is in season
You should be in awe about you like you say about me
You working while you working on consecutive degrees
Shoot, you do it big to accomplishing a lot
We both out coming for that number one spot
Last thing they always say when we wrap, "peace
When you make it big, don't forget about me"

Don't forget about me
Don't forget about (x8)

If I had a dollar for every time that that phrase came out of the mouth
Of a friend I would kiss my account but shoot
I called right now, I won't forget ya
Why would a few more fans make a difference?
I hope that you don't forget about me
And only when i make it big do you make an appearance
Better hit 'fore I'm really on the ball
Or I'm ignoring your call that's pass interference
The phone rings and I pass when I hear it
The Judas gon' ask for forgiveness
But really I'm the one to keep in touch even when I'm in a rush
Not leave em in the dust
Cuz the impact that my friends have on my life
I can't push em the left while I go right
It's a hard life by the decision is easy
If I get an S-O-S saying they need me
I've had it done for me, I gotta pass it off
I'll try to give you words even when I'm at a loss
I've done the phone call, I've done the prison visit
I've seen the power of a "hi" power of religion
Cuz then he came out, a dedicated man, and he could say goodbye to life without peace
Before I could I'd do what I can
He put in his request, "don't forget about me"

Don't forget about me
Don't forget about (x8)

Don't forget about me, when you blow up (x8)